Issues with mostly commercial dog food and treat company.
The digestive tract dog and cats are much shorter than herbivores. The gastrointestinal tract is simply not long enough to process and extract nutrients from grains.


Pet treat and pet food ingredients became the number one issue of the pet food industry. Meat sources unqualified for human consumption are used in many pet food brands; this includes using ‘unclean’ meats such as diseased animals, roadkill animals, waste from meat factories, expired meat source, restaurant grease and waste…..

High heat process is necessary to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses especially with questionable ingredients, yet high heat has major issues with damage vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Up to 90% of the vitamins and minerals are damaged by the heat. Large pet manufacturers try to remedy missing nutrition value, pet food manufacturers add back a handful of hundreds of nutrients, then they call their diet 100% balanced.


Preservatives and additives
Large amounts of preservatives must be added to the products to prevent  oxidation, moisture-related mold, fungus and bacteria. In order for the pet product not to go rotten and have a long shelf life, different chemicals are added, especially in dry pet foods. At the same time coloring and flavours are also added to appeal to human shoppers. This would not become a problem if your pets eat this once in a while but as a regular diet(dry foods), it is not just unhealthy, it becomes toxic. 
Teeth cleaning
Animals from the wild do not need to brush their teeth. They don’t need to, but their teeth remain sharp and in good shape till old age. As pet owners we were told that it’s better to brush their teeth, since sugar erodes the teeth. Brushing helps but added sugar is not necessary for your pet’s health. Complex carbohydrates stick to the teeth more than fresh food and they are harder to get out. Sugary tidbits (kibbles) are stuck in between pet’s teeth, gums and mouth stays and ruins the health of the teeth. This is the reason why so many pets have bad breath, teeth and gums.