Hey dear pet parents! We are pet lovers with passion and knowledge to change the way of feeding our dogs. We believe that a large percentage of dog disease (cancer and tumor) are caused by their diet. That be said, feeding our pets can become extremely simple or complicated.We believe YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Diet will determine your overall health same for your pets too. We are based in friendly Toronto, Ontario. 

The Charmy Story In 2 Minutes

One year ago, I dropped out of college and launched Charmy Pet Box. It was not easy to leave all the things behind but that sacrifice brought us here.
In my own working experience in veterinary practice, most veterinarians do not have the knowledge to educate pet owners on the subject of nutrition. The veterinary profession can do much to re-educate themselves, and turn it to the public, which only a small percentage of veterinarians would do. However, as the majority of pet owners, I am always careful about what is in my dog’s bowl. When we have this concern, we contacted large dog food manufactures to ask about their ingredients. When we finally got in touch with them, we were referred to our vet for nutritional questions, which most of the vets does not equip that kind of knowledge. We were wondering if large dog food manufactures would not be able to explain what's in their food, What's the problem here?
After in-depth research and talked to a lot of "insiders." I finally realize we had fallen into believing the large corporate marketing trap. Photos of fresh grilled chicken breast and all the steak on the dog food packages, no one would relate to cancer or tumor for our dogs. We also have seen some vet schools have scrap cover on nutrition courses, funding vet schools with little focus on pet nutrition. They are providing biased nutritional research to support their line of products and using veterinarians' goodwill to achieve sales of their food.
We want to change the feeding game by building something accountable and transparent. We won't let down any pet owner who purchases our product. To do that, we build a team with advance nutritional research so you could talk to us about your dog's health and make real-time changes based on your dog's needs. 
We are thrilled that you've chose to join the #FeedRealNow team. Our family takes pride in the unique combination of food we make, and it is a great honour to share it with yours.
Welcome to the #FeedRealNow
Let's change the feeding game together!



What do we believe?

Our belief is diets to “ancestral” and “biologically appropriate” pet food and treat. Unsurprisingly, pet owners want the “best” for their animal. Our mission is bring exactly pet owners expect their pets to diet.