*Small But Mighty*
*Small But Mighty*
*Small But Mighty*
*Small But Mighty*

*Small But Mighty*

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  • 1 bag of muscle meat treats
  • 1 bag of organ meat treats 
  • 1 bag of seafood treats 
  • 1 bag of crunchy chews


  • No preservatives, additives or antibiotics
  • Premium, single-ingredient treats
  • Air-dried for maximum nutrients, freshness and flavour
  • Sourced in Canada from sustainable farms
  • Crafted in small batches in human-grade facilities
  • Ideal for all life stages
  • Promotes healthy teeth, weight and overall wellness


  • Use as a healthy training treat
  • Provides entertainment and promotes healthy teeth
  • Great as a nutrient-rich, flavourful meal topper

  • Introduce each item to your dog slowly, Give 1-3 pieces to your dog at the beginning. 
  • Must supervise when you feed chews to your dog.
  • Dogs instinctively know how to chew their food, but if they've never tasted real meat or chewed on a bone, they may get very excited and gulp up their treat very quickly (as some of us humans do)
  • Sometimes you have to teach them how to chew.
  • For pups that are new to real food, we find it easiest to hold one end of the chew while your pup first tries a chew. Let your pup lick, start to taste the chew and hold it until they begin chewing on it. Repeat this a couple of times with their first chew, and watch them carefully to make sure they are accustomed to chewing before swallowing.

All of Charmy Pet Treat are air-dried with no additives or preservatives. We use only real meat. Our products are 100%  grains or gluten free. Since our air-dried dog treats are made from raw ingredients, we recommend that you wash your hands with hot water after handling as you would with any raw food.

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Shannon P.

Love Charmy!

We love Charmy so much! The only thing is we had to stop the recurring boxes because the small but mighty always had big dog chews and I have little dogs. I think I confused the small but mighty as a box for little dogs, the Charmy small treats are perfect for them. Just not the duck wings, the pig ears, the big chews that come with it sometimes it’s too much for my little ones. So from now on I’ll order separate treat bags so that my littles get the right sized treatos;) still an amazing product we love Charmy!

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Stuart B.
Canada Canada

Overall great quality but lack of options

These treats are great. They’re just air dried meat which is super healthy and our dog loves them. However, we would like some control over the options we receive, especially the ability to substitute out chews.

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Shannon P.
Canada Canada


We love the small but mighty package :) my boys didn’t like the mussels though, but everything else they loved :) the rabbit ears made them a bit pukey but I think it’s because this is new to them :)

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A Charmy Box Customer
Maria S.
Canada Canada

I loved this!!

I saw these products for the first time at the Howliday Market in Toronto - I bought goat heart treats that my dog loved! The box shipped super quick and it is evident the treats are high quality. Personally, I love the packaging. It’s aesthetically pleasing and what I love most about it is that it’s informative - telling you what the treats aid and target. The only thing I will suggest is that my dog didn’t like one of the treats that had an ingredient he’s never before had (mussels) - no problem, I re-gifted it. But I think it might be nice to see a further option to check off things you don’t want, just as when signing up for the box I was able to tick an allergy section! (That may already be a feature, I just can’t seem to find it on my browser). Anyway, I loved the box and my dog absolutely adored the treats we got this past month.

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Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to sample Charmy Pet from a colleague that had extra treats. My 4 year old dog Juanita absolutely loses her mind when I give her any of Charmy's dog treats. The founders are dog owners and animal lovers & are leading other pet companies with their research and Canadian-made quality! Thank you Charmy Box!!! You guys are the best and can't wait to see your company grow!

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A Charmy Box Customer
Judy C.
Canada Canada

Not one thing snubbed!

My 6 mth old dog is a fussy eater, so it's great to see her have treats she actually mows through.

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Zamyla C.
Canada Canada

Charmed and Pleased

Wonderful, Baiyu / Maiyu love all the charmy treats and I love how health focused Charmy boxes are!

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Why Choose Charmy?

We take all the necessary steps to ensure that our customers receive our product to their specifications while maintaining the highest food safety and quality. 

We take pride In purchasing from local suppliers. Sourcing sustainable and ethical products is our main goal that will support our planet for today and for our future

We make sure that all of our steps are transparent to everyone and ensure that our customers can be assured about our products.

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We established our company with a simple goal of providing the best for our pets through natural nourishment with the roots of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). We believe that incorporating the West and East Culture will provide the best harmony; specifically Chinese Medicine focuses on the process, restoring the body's balance and Western Medicine's focus on formulated results. 

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