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Beef Green Tripe

Charmy Box


Our Most Requested Air-Dried Treat

Contents: 100g/Pack

Product Description:

  • Air-dried and 1 ingredient only (Green Beef Tripe)
  • 100% Grain-Free Pure Green Tripe
  • Slowly and Gentle with special care
  • A perfect treat for smaller breeds and a welcome snack for larger canines.
  • No antibiotics, hormones, steroids, additives or preservatives
  • Sourced and made in Canada

  • Key Benefits

  • 100% pure beef tripe treats, ideal for picky eaters
  • Suitable for all life stages, and awesome for training a new puppy.
  • Ideal for sensitive stomachs wit digestive enzymes which absorb any unwanted digestive liquid improving the digestive system
  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat, plus purify and cleanse blood and remove toxins, parasites and fungus.

  • Health Benefits

    Charmy Pet Treat air-dried Green Beef Tripe Made with 100% pure green beef tripe, this nutrient-rich stomach lining contains naturally occurring omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help support a healthy inflammatory response, joint health and skin and lustrous coat. And because beef tripe is their one and only ingredient, it’s great for a dog with a sensitive stomach. Plus they’re great for training treats, because they’re easy to break apart.

    Important information

    Feeding Guidance (Safety Information)

  • Introduce each item to your dog slowly, Give 1-3 pieces to your dog at the beginning
  • Must supervise when you feed chews to your dog.
  • Dogs instinctively know how to chew their food, but if they've never tasted real meat or chewed on a bone, they may get very excited and gulp up their treat very quickly (as some of us humans do).
  • Sometimes you have to teach them how to chew. 
  • For pups that are new to real food, we find it easiest to hold one end of the chew while your pup first tries a chew. Let your pup lick, start to taste the chew and hold it until they begin chewing on it. Repeat this a couple of times with their first chew, and watch them carefully to make sure they are accustomed to chewing before swallowing.

  • Directions

    All of Charmy Pet Treat are air-dried with no additives or preservatives. We use only real meat. Our products are 100%  grains or gluten free. Since our air-dried dog treats are made from raw ingredients, we recommend that you wash your hands with hot water after handling as you would with any raw food.

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    No smell

    I was a little hesitant because tripe is known for having such a strong smell but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that these treats have virtually no smell at all! I use them as a topper on my pup's food and also as a treat and she loves it.

    Olivia P.
    Canada Canada

    Highly Recommended

    These are always a favorite in our house. Any time the bag is opened the dogs come running. Perfect for a light and crunchy snack.

    Canada Canada