Charmy Team


Co-Founder & President

Zach stepped into obedience and protection training with his dog in 2015. He started to train with passionate people that were considered the best in the industry. Along his journey, Zach traveled internationally to expand his knowledge further. He concluded that our pets start to perform better when their diet is biologically appropriate. Zach believes that their diet causes a large percentage of pet diseases such as cancer and tumor. Primarily feeding processed foods would cause our pets to become sluggish, obese, and at risk for many health issues. Since our pets can't speak for themselves, as parents, we should do a better job when it comes to diet selection.

Zach is Charmy's visionary; with his professional knowledge and business skill, he brings a group of amazing people together. From his previous experience in veterinary practices, Zach is dedicated to providing revolutionary change to the industry. He firmly believes that nutrition is the key for our pets to thrive. As a young businessman, Zach believes that 1% is an idea, and 99% is execution. Being enthusiastic at public speaking, he loves to reach out to others to inspire actions. He always thinks from the perspective of consumers to meet their criteria and thoughtful of consumer's needs.

Zach has two lovely dogs; a Dutch Shepherd named Charm and a German Shepherd named Niong. He enjoys boxing and martial arts; if you didn't find him at work, he would definitely practice boxing or outdoors with his pets.


Co-Founder & COO

Senia is the 'backbone' of Charmy, her effective communication. Her leadership skills allow her to bring the team together and creates a wonderful atmosphere amongst the team. Her studies in management give her the responsibility of daily operations and tasks. With an upbeat personality, Senia provides extraordinary customer service, and by understanding customers' needs, she executes outstanding sales and marketing services.

Senia is very passionate about pet nutrition and health. She always took care of pets when she was young. Now she is a mother of an energetic Bengal cat, ivy. Senia is very talented in performing arts such as dancing, guitar playing, and singing. Her passion leads her to be very active and energetic, and she continues to explore exciting things.


Co-Founder & CEO,

Creative Director

Michelle is guided by a strong belief that everyone can accomplish their goal and create positive change. This belief guided her education, career, and life. Michelle is very passionate about design and creative content and recently graduated from OCAD University with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Michelle always had a special bond with animals. Using her passion for creativity and love of animals, Michelle hopes to inspire action and raise awareness in pets' diet. She continues to expand her knowledge in pet nutrition and creating balance with nature and us.

As a mother of two lovely pups, Ace and Tequila, she always wants to provide the best for her pets and carefully study what goes into her pets' bowl. Michelle is very interested in building her dogs' diet. During her free time, she is either snuggling on the couch with Ace and Tequila or traveling with them. She is always looking forward to learning new skills, like dancing, scuba diving, skiing, etc. Along with discovering the best food for her dogs, she also loves to find new food to try.


Co-Founder &

Head Of Data Analysis

Karen is very passionate about data and analysis related work. She is our business analyst and strategies who is mainly responsible for the management of data work at Charmy. Karen has built a master data system for running daily operations and making important decisions. She has created various data models and witnesses the growth of Charmy. Karen has contributed to all sales channels and achieved excellent results through her strategies.

Karen loves working with numbers and always expanding her professional knowledge. When Karen's not analyzing data, she loves to hang out with friends and discovers new adventures together. She is also a quiet person that enjoys board games and yoga.