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Please! Do not PANIC BUY! WE also do not want you to run out of essential enrichment items, such as treats or food, for your furry friend.

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We’re already cautious when it comes to facility hygiene, but in times like these, we ensure our employees follow these official guidelines:


1). Wash hands regularly throughout the day for at least 20 seconds at a time.

2). Use hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol – we’ve equipped the facility so employees can find one anywhere.

3). Avoid touching face – especially eyes, nose, and mouth – with your hands.

4). Cover mouth with an elbow when cough or sneeze.

5). Open the windows regularly to ensure regular fresh airflow.

6). Your health and your pet health is our top priority, so we will keep an eye on any developments around the coronavirus outbreak and will let you know if there are any extra precautionary measures we need to apply.


There’s no need to panic – let’s all contribute to keeping our workplace safe. Feel free to have any questions or concerns. 

You can contact our member service if you have future questions.

Text us at (416)-806-2667

We are looking forward to assisting you!


Stay Safe!

We are wishing you all the best.


Zach Sheng