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Basic knowledge:

Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory, omega-6 is increased inflammation (appropriate inflammation is necessary, can eliminate most germs), they need a balance, once the disorder is likely to cause many chronic diseases such as allergies, joint pain, diabetes, immune system diseases, etc. Whether the main component of your dog’s meal is dog food or raw meat, O6 is particularly high, and additional O3 is indeed necessary.


Omega-3 is very unstable, and it is easily oxidized to generate a large number of free radicals and malondialdehyde. And after they enter the body, they will attack healthy cells and proteins. That ’s why we often say that there is more food rich in antioxidants. Most fish oils on the market are oxidized before you give them to dogs. Many people feed fish oils to dogs in the hope of balancing omega3 and 6 and achieving anti-inflammatory effects. But they don’t know that feeding oxidized fish oil will not only eliminate inflammation but also cause more severe inflammation (don’t spray that your dog does not have it, chronic diseases such as inflammation will take time to show)

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Heavy Metal Pollution

Omega is a fatty acid, and fat is a place to store toxins and heavy metals (heavy metals cannot be broken down but can only be stored). Nowadays, many heavy metals in the sea are exceeding the standard (note that we are talking about human indicators) Heavy metals and polychlorinated biphenyls (another representative toxic substance) can cause nervous system damage, blindness, irreversible liver and kidney damage, bronchitis, muscle spasms, skin diseases, cancer. Speaking of this, many people talk about giving fish oil benefits the hair, but the premise is that your fish oil is definitely pollution-free? If it is pollution, it will cause skin diseases. In addition, if it is from Japan and the Pacific Ocean, there is nuclear pollution, which leads to bone cancer and leukemia. If you feel the need to feed fish oil, please purchase non-polluting (preferably from North, the Atlantic Ocean)

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